Some easy school holiday baking.. (with no actual ‘baking’ required!) it didn’t turn out like I imagined but the kids had fun doing it!

Chocolate Ripple biscuits (you could use any biscuits)
Betty Crocker vanilla frosting
Food colouring (we used green)
Kit Kat (caterpillar antenas)
Freckles (for the caterpillars eyes)
Trolli ‘Brite Crawlers’ lollies (for caterpillar legs)
  • Add food colouring to vanilla frosting – stir in until even colour consistency.
  • Spread frosting onto biscuits one by one, place in desired position, join up each biscuit with frosting as you go (we were a bit light on here, you could smother biscuits with frosting like a traditional style chocolate ripple cake)
  • Add legs (trolli lollies) in between biscuit joins.
  • Decorate with m&m’s, kit kat sticks & freckles.

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